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Our team utilizes the latest in dental technologies and equipment to provide you with quality, modern dental solutions. Designed with our patients in mind, we offer laser dentistry in Largo, FL, along with digital x-rays and specialized dental cameras. Dr. James Carreiro and our staff are trained in various technologies to make your visit efficient and comfortable.

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Dr. Carreiro is one of the few general dentists in Clearwater, FL utilizing five different lasers for a variety of general dentistry services. The BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus™, BIOLASE Epic™ Diode, BIOLASE iLase™, BIOLASE Lasersmile™ and Co2 Deka can be used in treating gum disease and other procedures, without invasive surgery. Laser dentistry is becoming the preferred method of treatment for many patients due to its more gentle nature.

We utilize digital x-rays to obtain high quality digital images of the mouth and jaw, within seconds. Digital x-rays emit less radiation than traditional film-based imaging systems, and can be digitally stored for future reference or visits.


Our office is equipped with an intraoral camera which produces high quality pictures of the mouth in real time. The camera is about the size of a dental mirror and is effective in detecting hard to see dental issues like small cracks or fissures in the teeth.


Ems Air Flow® is a minimally invasive technology is safe to use on all oral surfaces & difficult to reach places: enamel, dentin, soft tissues, restorations, orthodontic appliances & implants.


Digital Bite Analysis, or simply bite test measures several important aspects to determine if the patient's issues are caused by an imbalanced bite.



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