You want your wedding day to be picture perfect. You have spent weeks picking out the perfect dress, a show-stopping hairstyle, a stunning bouquet, and then you realize that your smile does not fit into the picture. Whether it is stained teeth or a deeper problem, such as receding gums, our office has treatment options to have that beautiful smile on your special day. Even better, once you have your smile restored, it lasts much longer than just that one day. You have more confidence everywhere you go. Talk to your laser dentist in Largo, FL about your goals and concerns. We want to help you overcome those anxieties and have the smile you want.


Treatment Options to Consider

Although you have many different avenues, when you are getting ready for a wedding, laser gum surgery is a good option that treats many issues:


  • Periodontal disease
  • Cavity fillings
  • Orthodontics
  • Gummy smile augmentation
  • Receding gums


We also offer many cosmetic procedures to make you feel more confident when you smile. Teeth whitening is easier and more effective than ever before. We can correct chipped teeth and replace missing teeth. You can feel free to show off those pearly whites on your wedding day when you have been to our office for treatment. You deserve a beautiful smile to match the rest of you in the photographs which will be treasured forever.


Make Your Wedding Pictures Sparkle

Do not be the bride who waits for the week before your wedding to get treatment from your laser dentist in Largo, FL. You can take care of your smile to have the look you want in your wedding memories, but you do need to allow enough time to accomplish your goals. Call our office at (727) 228-8001 and make an appointment with Dr. James Carreiro. We can talk about your options to find the right solution for you.