Cavities, or tooth decay, can occur for a variety of reasons. Eating habits, heredity and how well people take care of their teeth are all factors that influence the development of cavities. Cavities can lead to very serious oral health problems if left untreated, so the should be filled as soon as possible. Getting them filled, however, can be very unpleasant. When many people think of getting treatment for cavities, they think of agonizing trips to the dentist’s office with painful shots and uncomfortable drilling. Fortunately, new technology has been developed that makes getting cavity fillings much less dreadful. Dentists can now use laser technology to treat cavities, and laser treatment is quickly becoming one of the most popular options for patients.


Benefits of Laser Cavity Fillings

Laser cavity fillings have a number of advantages over traditional cavity treatments. Perhaps the most notable benefit of using lasers is that no shots or drills are needed. Lasers effectively remove the decayed parts of teeth that previously had to be removed with drills. Lasers, however, cause much less pain for the patient. Because of this reduction in pain, anesthetic shots and intimidating needles are no longer necessary. Additionally, patients do not have to wait a long time for numbness in their mouths to dissipate after the procedure since little to no anesthesia is used. Lasers are also more precise than drills, so they preserve more of the healthy parts of the tooth being treated. The laser treatment process is less complex and faster, so overall appointment times are shorter.


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